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Here are your top 5 summer plumbing and heating tips from local company Plumbing & Gas Solutions Ltd!

Here are five top tips for plumbing and heating from our friends below Plumbing and gas solutions Ltd to help you this summer. By following these tips, you can save money and avoid stress both in the short term and for the rest of the year!

  1. Turn up your heating for 10 minutes once a week

This is definitely pro tip because you wouldn’t think there’s any reason to turn on the heating when it’s hot outside, but there’s a real benefit to simply turning it on for just 10 minutes every week!

By turning on your heating, you circulate water through the system – because hot water flowing through your radiator warms your home/building. The movement of the water prevents standing water from settling in your pipes, tanks and radiators, reducing the chance of scale or sludge build-up in the system!

One of the most common causes of problems in a home heating system is deposit build-up on the bottom of radiators. Sludge in the radiator reduces the efficiency of the system and if left untreated also leads to rust and corrosion!

  1. Test to see if your toilet is leaking

Did you know your toilet can leak all the time and you’d never notice?

It’s possible that your toilet has a small leak that allows water from the cistern to get into the bowl without flushing. You probably won’t be able to see it as the toilet wastes tons of water slowly and silently!

There are two tests to determine if this is happening. The first option is to put a few drops of food coloring or dye in the toilet flush tank. If the water in the bowl gradually changes color without you rinsing, there is a leak! The other way to test this is to place a dry piece of toilet paper on the back of the bowl above the water level. If it becomes visibly damp without flushing, there is also a leak.

Of course if you spot any of these silent leaks give us a call on 01908 103098 and we can stop your money from ending up down the toilet!

  1. Tips for saving water:

Speaking of money going down the drain… here are some more simple tips to save water this summer!

  • Turn off the faucet while you brush your teeth. (This could save up to 4 gallons per minute!)
  • Water your plants and garden in the morning or evening when it’s cooler (when it’s hot, some of the water will evaporate and you’ll need to water more often!)
  • Collect rainwater with a barrel or bucket (this can save you a lot of water when gardening – especially in our UK summer weather!)
  1. With a timer you make sure that you only heat the house when you need it. (This tip is useful all year round!)

If the people in your household have a regular schedule, we strongly recommend using the timer function on your heater. Modern thermostats allow you to set up really precise and customizable settings and schedules for your heating system.

By setting your heating to turn on and off automatically according to your schedule, you can drastically reduce the amount of wasted energy (and therefore money!). This tip is helpful all year round, but in the summer you certainly don’t want the heat to last all day.

  1. Insulate your home (This tip is useful all year round!)

Have you ever turned on the heating but had an open window and one of your parents said something along the lines of, “I’m not paying to heat the street!”?

You have plans! If your house is cold, turn on the heating and the boiler will heat the house until it reaches the temperature you set your thermostat to. However, if your home is not properly insulated, two problems arise. First, it takes longer to heat up and second, it takes more energy to keep it warm.

In summer, a well-insulated house can further reduce the heating requirements of your home.

The easiest way to insulate your house is with double or triple glazing, wall and attic insulation and draft-proof doors.

Who are Plumbing and Gas Solutions?

Plumbing & Gas Solutions Ltd have been supporting the people and businesses of Milton Keynes with all their plumbing and heating needs since 2010.

If you need help with your plumbing or heating job, give us a call on 01908 103098.

PGS kindly offers our listeners/readers a 20% discount if they mention MKFM on the phone! (First time customers only)

Plumbing & Gas Solutions is the sister company of MKFM partner Facilities Management Solutions who sponsors our “Meet of MK” networking event every last Thursday of the month.

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