Training Of Plumbers’ll Stop Capital Flight To Technical Jobs – NASENI Boss

The Vice Chairman of the National Agency for Science Engineering Infrastructure, Prof. Mohammed Sani Haruna, presents modern sanitation tools to the beneficiaries while the Chairman, House Committee on Science Research Institutions and Member for Ibadan North Federal Constituency, Hon. Musiliu Akinremi observes during the program in Ibadan .

The Vice Chairman of the National Agency for Science and Engineering Infrastructure (NASENI), Prof. Mohammed Sani Haruna, has commended the training of 100 young plumbers in Ibadan, Oyo State, touting it as a way to stop the loss of capital in technical professions Foreigners and migrants outsourced.

Haruna, who spoke during the skill acquisition sessions and announced the training on “Modern Plumbing Methods and Their Application” in the state capital today (September 26, 2022), explained that the program promotes nationwide youth empowerment and employment facility by the Federal Government .

Recall that a similar exercise was recently launched (in August) in Kebbi State where youths from the area were trained and equipped with modern agricultural tools.

The NASENI boss noted that the training of over 100 youths from different local government areas of the state was aimed at imparting new skills to the youth and modernizing the activities of artisans in the profession.

According to him, NASENI carried out the directive of the Chairman of its Board of Directors, President Muhammadu Buhari. “It is time to put an end to the habit of giving technical jobs meant for Nigerians to foreigners or migrants from neighboring countries. Therefore, President Buhari has approved the ongoing special training for plumbers in Ibadan, Oyo State.

“President Buhari’s intention is the welfare of the youth and job satisfaction so that they can take plumbing seriously and achieve the highest level of efficiency and professionalism.”

The trainees are part of the first phase of the program, which is aimed at young professionals. The capacity building focuses on retraining the plumbers for plumbing installation and maintenance using modern techniques, tools, diagnostic equipment and devices.

According to the study conducted which led to the Presidential Directive, it was observed in Ibadan metropolis that the delivery of plumbing services had become problematic as residents and homeowners were grappling with poor workmanship and poor completion of plumbing services. The training program therefore aims to address such challenges for professionals and impart plumbing knowledge to young people to help them become familiar with modern plumbing methods and further improve their skills.

NASENI Ibadan 1LR: The Chairman of the House of Representatives Committee on Scientific Research Institutions and Member representing Ibadan North Federal Constituency, Hon. Musiliu Akinremi and the Vice Chairman of the National Agency for Science Engineering Infrastructure, Prof. Mohammed Sani Haruna during the program in Ibadan.

Also speaking at the event was the Chairman of the event, Member representing Ibadan North Federal Constituency and Chairman, House of Representatives Committee on Scientific Research Institutes, Hon. Musiliudeen Akinremi said the people of Ibadan remain grateful to President Buhari and NASENI for the intervention.

He said youth and their empowerment have become the most important socio-economic program for the sustenance of any modern economy and also provided a glimpse into “the idea of ​​what the future of the country will be”.

The lawmaker also announced that the youth empowerment program is the focus of his legislative agenda. He urged his constituents to consider the zone fortunate to be the first beneficiary of the program in the South West.

He urged the trainees to use the equipment and tools for self-help to increase their efficiency in completing their tasks on site.

The President's mandate to NASENI in the ongoing exercise is to empower young people across the 36 states with critical vocational skills that are lacking in their environment, helping them enhance their skills, improve their efficiency and acquire prior knowledge to appropriate.

The highlight of the event was the presentation of state-of-the-art sanitation equipment, tools and diagnostic kits worth millions of naira to the youths.

A statement by the Deputy Director of Information, NASENI, Mr. Olusegun Ayeoyenikan, said the tools given to the plumbers included a PPR machine, a drill, a pressure testing machine, a plum plunger, a plunger, a mechanical tool box, wrench sets, a pipe wrench and a Hole punches, chisel sets, ratchet wrench boxes and gas screwdrivers were included. Other safety equipment provided to the trainees included safety shoes, safety goggles and mechanical gloves.

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