Troy receives grant in lead pipe replacement program

TROY, NY (NEWS10) – Troy City Council President Sue Steele announced Monday that the City of Troy will receive an $8.9 million grant and a $3.8 million interest-free loan $ to continue the lead pipe replacement initiative. These funds were provided through President Joe Biden's bipartisan infrastructure bill and allocated through New York's Drinking Water Revolving Fund.

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Troy city officials are asking anyone who lives in a home built before 1975 and has not had a water service inspection by the Department of Public Utilities to contact the department at (518) 237-0343. There is no fee for the inspection. If you have a verified lead service line, the city offers help with lead source replacement and Brita water jugs to reduce lead.

So far in 2024, 20 pipes have been replaced, 602 Brita water jugs have been distributed to residents, and Troy received a shipment of 400 jugs and 400 filter cartridges in March. In 2023, 101 lead pipes were replaced in private homes.

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