Trusted Master Plumbers That Offers 24/7 Plumbing Services In Dunedin

It’s a Friday, and after a long week of deadlines and errands, all you want to do is relax and take a bath. But to add to the list of misfortunes for this week, there is no hot water for the long-awaited bath. It’s late at night and you have a problem with the plumbers to deal with.

But unfortunately! They also know next to nothing when it comes to emergency installations; The only solution you can think of is to call for help. Who else to call if not Mains Plumber, a 24/7 plumbing contractor based in Dunedin, New Zealand.

Preferred local plumbing company in Dunedin, New Zealand

Mike Mains, the current leader of Mains Plumbers’ team of plumbers, took over the business after his grandfather. Mains Plumbers has been providing domestic and commercial plumbing services to everyone in Dunedin since 1947.

Reliable and efficient, Mains Plumbers and their team of experienced plumbers are on your doorstep exactly when you need them. Fast, friendly and professional; They will take care of any problems you have with ease and speed.

Your customers appreciate you very much

Cableways Tavern have been a Mains Plumber customer for over 20 years and have highly praised Mains Plumbers for the service they have provided to their facility.

“When we acquired Cableways, Mains Plumbers was the plumber our contractor used and they were recommended to us. You’ve been our plumber for 20 years now. Never had anyone else and never felt the need to get anyone else.

Mains does general maintenance for us and has done 2-3 big projects. What I like most about them is the service. Many plumbers could probably do the same job, but it’s the service I like. When I call him he comes, he’s reliable, local and does a good job.”

  • Murray Galland, owner of Cableways Tavern

High praise also went to Mains Plumbers from Beyond Construction Group, who knew Mains Plumbers from their previous job.

“Mains has done residential and commercial construction, so a lot of the work depends on what we’re doing on the buildings. We were recommended to use it, so we had already used it when I worked for another company and it was really good, so when I started my company I carried it with me.

I like dealing with Mike, he’s a good bugger and his communication is genuine[ly] good, they are reliable, easy to deal with and offer a quality service.”

  • Blair Duckworth, owner of Beyond Construction Group

Alex Grennan of Dunedin Palms Motel has nothing but good things to say about the services provided by Mains Plumbers.

“Primary plumbers have done a range of jobs for us, everything from installing a water tank to installing gas hot water to installing line pressure systems at my vacation home and repairing a faucet, pretty much every facet of plumbing you could really think of can imagine .

They were fast, reliable and lived up to expectations. What really stands out is that he’s able to communicate so we can work with time frames when we have a job and when we really need to get it done we work together, he’s a good communicator which is pretty cool. And he has reliable staff!

Dunedin is quite a small city, your reputation in this city deserves you, I’ve tried it and I’ve never looked back. If you want quality plumbers they can be hard to find so if you have a stick with them! I am very happy.”

  • Alex Grennan, Dunedin Palms Motel

plumber plumbing services

Mains Plumbers have a team of professional plumbers ready to undertake any plumbing job you may need. The team is also equipped to provide gas installation and ducting services.

Plumbing work at Mains Plumbers covers the following:

  • sanitary installation
  • Light commercial plumbing
  • emergency installation
  • gas fitting
  • drain laying

Find out more about Mains Plumbers 24/7 plumbing services on the website or Google profile.

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