Try Mr. Tankless, A Full-Service Water Heating Company With Decades Of Local Experience

Master Plumber Bob Lemons of Mr. Tankless spoke to Studio 512 about the beginnings of his business and the experiences it has brought to the greater Austin community. Mr. Tankless is a full service water heater company specializing in repairing all major manufacturers.

How did you get into the tankless industry?

“I was the only plumber to attend a seminar in Austin years ago and had the chance to find out more in person. I loved the tankless concept and jumped on board! From then on, I’ve become one of the water heater experts in central Texas. “

Based on your experience, do you feel that your service is in great demand?

“Yes. My service area has expanded from a single county to 5. I even have a customer in Laredo, Texas. Nobody but me touches their tankless units. I’ve been fortunate enough to expand my team so we can start calling customers quickly People are often surprised when I show up on their doorstep about 15 minutes after the first call. “

Were you very busy during the last winter storm?

“Yes, more than I could ever have imagined. So many people in need, too few plumbers, too little material. So it is a good idea to prepare now for something that may happen in the future. I can show you how to turn off the water in your house in no time at all so that pipes don’t freeze. “

Learn more about Bob’s services and whether a water heater is right for you at

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