Two girls die after falling into septic tank of public toilet while playing

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to say: In an unfortunate incident, two girls, aged six and seven, died after falling into a septic tank in the Pannaipuram area of ​​Tamil Nadu’s Theni district.

The girls, identified as E Nikita Shree, 7, and J Subhashree, 6, played with other children near a public toilet on Pavalar Street. According to media reports, it was built by the city of Pannaipuram Panchayat. The girls fell into the septic tank when the concrete slab covering the tank cracked and could no longer support their weight. Both Nikita and Subhashree, residents of the village’s West Street, fell into the 10-foot-deep tank, news reports said.

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Other children playing with their alarmed locals were able to get both girls out of the tank before taking them to Uthamapalayam government hospital, DT Next said in a report. However, her life could not be saved.

Angry locals claimed that the disaster happened because the toilet and septic tank were poorly maintained by the local authority. The victims’ families blocked Pannaipuram-Thevaram Road and demanded compensation, the news report added.

In early July, two people died in the state while cleaning out a septic tank in a Chennai condominium. The victims were employees of a cleaning company who entered the tank for work-related reasons. They were reportedly regularly hired by the condominium to clean the tank for many years. The men used trucks to empty the tanks before going inside. However, they fainted shortly after entering the tank and were pronounced dead by an ambulance team that later reached the spot.

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