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In April 2020 UNIQ ∙ Ǝ! launched a project aimed at a group of designers and architects focused on developing a revolutionary 3D printed faucet concept. The aim of the project was to free valve design from formal stereotypes and to interpret the new manufacturing paradigm made possible by 3D printing technology.

After a series of meetings, comparisons and interactions with numerous Italian and international designers and architects, 4 experts agreed to work with UNIQ ∙ Ǝ! Creator and founder Giovanni Pitturru to measure and measure himself by limitless design freedom: Dodo Arslan from Dodo Arslan Studio, Cesare Chichi and Mauro Pizzi from 967Arch, Pasquale Piroso from Loft Canova and Gerardo Sannella_MYGG.

UNIQ ∙ Ǝ !, with its valuable experience in the design and production of fittings, accompanied the development of the proposed ideas and enriched the project with practical and functional observations. Through an intense co-design process, this resulted in the creation of several refined prototypes that kept the guidance of their creative thinking.

The variety of shapes, surfaces and functional solutions selected for each of the 4 faucet designs prove the new possible archetypes for an object that repeats the same paradigm over and over again. The new possibilities that this project demonstrates have also brought bathroom and kitchen fittings into new, expressive terrain that has yet to be explored.

“[What] These projects were for us, as well as an exceptionally interesting industrial project, a research experience that has only just begun and we don’t know where it will take us, ”commented creator and founder Giovanni Pitturru.

“We certainly know that we are only at the beginning and that we are looking for travel companions who want to explore new territory, who are amazed and above all [astound] those who can experience these new solutions in their own four walls ”.

Fior in Loto by 967Arch

The project of developing new fitting designs and concepts is without a doubt one of the most difficult design challenges. Metal 3D printing technology has made it easier to research and deploy a new water supply concept that overcomes the traditional limitations of existing technology.

The aim was to maintain a simple and legible form while amusing the viewer by the surprise of its functional purpose and improving the unique and essential technology of the project. The summary of this research is a broken pipe that becomes a generating force.

The design emerged from the formal search for expressive simplicity, inspired by the basic water-bearing element: a simple tube that transforms into an object and thus into a small sculpture. The connection and contraposition between a technical element and a geometric element next to natural elements are the formal result of this research.

UNIQUE!  presents four truly unique 3D printed faucet designs

UNIQ-Ǝ! was presented as a challenging technological opportunity and absolutely innovative, and raised the bar for a new design approach to the project.

The company provided support in every development phase, from the concept phase through prototype development to product completion, through the transfer of the design concept into a product, through experience in the sanitary fittings sector and in 3D printing technology.

INK_ circular gesture by Gerardo Sannella_MYGG

INK is a faucet that arose from the idea of ​​transforming the liquid movement of a circular ink brush stroke into a steady and irreconcilable sign in which hot and cold water can find their eternal equilibrium.

The circle as a new faucet shape erases the prosaic history of this ordinary object in order to renovate it and captures the poetic spirit of the primeval battle between cold and heat that rises eternally from the earth. The absoluteness of the circle translates the stable power of cosmic equilibrium.

UNIQUE!  presents four truly unique 3D printed faucet designs

After the clash of heat and cold, the spout gushes the now calmed water out of a bamboo spout, the most natural, almost human part of this product. The water is like a fountain that pours wellness and new life into human hands.

“Talking to Giovanni,” commented Gerardo Sannella from MYGG, “meant exploring what is ‘possible’ and its potential. With it, conquering this special future, which is dedicated to the world of fittings, is true pioneering euphoria, a design adventure to explore and discover the ‘new’. “

Iscla by Dodo Arslan

Given the limitless possibilities that Selective Laser Melting technology offers, designer Dodo Arslan focused on functionality, safety and hygiene. He therefore proposed a whole range of Iscla fittings (island) with a shelf (for soap, toothpaste, mousse, shampoo, etc.)

The UNIQ-Ǝ! Team extended a new request: the integration of electronic controls. Analyzing the standard electronic controls proposed by the team, Arslan decided to develop specific commands fully integrated into an even more important and synthetic form that is only possible thanks to the versatility of SLM technology.

“We are only at the beginning of the journey, but we know exactly where we want to go. This 3D printed faucet prototype is just a foretaste of the range of products that we are developing in record time and that we plan to bring to market over the next few months, ”said Arslan.

UNIQUE!  presents four truly unique 3D printed faucet designs

“UNIQ-Ǝ! was, as the name suggests, born to excel ”, continues Arslan. “Mr. Pitturru is number one; He started very young in this branch and worked alongside the Engr. Porsche for the realization of their exclusive fittings. Our very first meeting was enough to understand that we are challenging each other and we are on the innovation accelerator would drive forward. “

“Every meeting was exciting because he’s the kind of entrepreneur who praises himself at every stage of his development [he] also know quite well [that] You’ve already thought of the changes in the next phase and sometimes he’ll even be waiting for you and asking you to do exactly what kept you up the night before … These are the moments when you understand that you are going to are in the right place at the right time! ”Dodo Arslan concluded.

Mirella by Pasquale Piroso

An architect designs and creates places and objects for people to learn, live, work and enjoy life to the full. Each project is created by professionals, inspired by mere gestures that both reflect and encompass the meaning and rationale of its story. These are the basics for imagining a new era and creating new shapes, concepts and meanings. When you create a new product, the concept must state its purpose without forgetting its role as a communicative object of emotion and pleasure.

UNIQUE!  presents four truly unique 3D printed faucet designs

The source of inspiration for the project is the simplicity of the material conversion, ie stainless steel, which is made possible by the additive manufacturing of UNIQ-Ǝ! easy to model and transform, like long braided hair blowing in the wind.

The project pays homage to the beauty of femininity and its suppleness, as well as the ability to venture into its shape while using manufacturing technology with no processing waste.

This project started after designer Pasquale Piroso met with Giovanni and shared a common passion for excellence and a desire to combine technology and creativity. “His undeniable experience and professionalism, and above all his love of beauty, united us from the start,” said Piroso. “The meeting with UNIQ-Ǝ! and the simultaneity of a project for a luxurious villa on Lake Lugano gave the starting signal for this unique 3D-printed faucet product. “

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