Unknown gravestone unearthed during sewer repair on Detroit’s west side

Crews at a construction site discovered a headstone in a neighborhood on the west side of Detroit Wednesday.

Major Cement’s contractor was performing a sewer repair on the 15000 block of Auburn near Fenkell at around 4 p.m. when the headstone was excavated.

Gravestone was excavated during canal repairs on the west side of Detroit, but no remains are found

While the crews were working on a sewer repair on the west side of Detroit, they came across a strange find. It was a tombstone with Nancy L. Walker written on it. Oddly enough, there was no body that matched the tombstone.

The tombstone identifies Nancy L. Walker, born September 16, 1920 – died February 18, 1987. It also reads Beloved Woman, Mother, Grandmother

Under her name it appears to read: “She is gone, but not forgotten.”

According to the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department, the crews have stopped working so authorities can find out who the headstone belongs to and possibly investigate.

DWSD said no obvious human remains were found and nothing unusual other than the tombstone was discovered.

If you have information about the family this tombstone might belong to, contact FOX 2 at (248) 552-5103.

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