VEVOR / Mophorn Sewer Camera / Wall inspection camera no poo, initial review

I was asked by Mophorn to do another tool review of the Mophorn Sewer Camera. This particular one for a waterproof IP 68 camera on a 150 rigid, sliding cable that bills itself as an endoscope/industrial endoscope with LED lights, a display and local recording capabilities.

Vevor Mophorn sewer camera before first use

It is primarily intended as a sewer camera and I will use it as such later. At the moment I don't want to post any particular videos of poop and mud in pipes on Pocketables, but instead focus on the extremely interesting video where fiber optic connections are easily traced through a large PVC pipe. I took an entire wall wire tracing video and forgot to press record. So just imagine this in your Pocketables fanfiction.

What's in the box

The device we tested comes with a rotating coil with 150 feet of cable, a camera, a 9-inch screen, an 8GB SD card, a 4500mAh battery, a charger, some screw wheels and a mini -Screwdriver supplied and contains most of what you need to navigate a PVC jungle.

First use of the VEVOR Mophorn sewer camera

As a landlord, I'm not aware of the use of sewer cameras and the fact that I have to tell people that if they don't want the rent not to go up, I can waste $11,000 on replacing the main sewer line, please don't I became painfully aware of using dishcloths. Normally it's an additional $300 fee just to get the sewer cameras out when a plumber isn't there, so yeah…gotta love it.

I've probably spent the cost of this device on plumbers and their cameras for the last 5 years, all of which generally give the same result: “Sorry dude, a tree grew in this pipe, it's old, you have to.” give us a lot of money.” .”

YouTube poster

You should spend a few minutes watching the spool unwind and rewind properly. The placement that comes out of this thing is a little artful and you'll quickly get the hang of it unless you're in a hurry. Find out before you try to clean the device from wastewater while rolling it back up. Trust me.

The videos are produced in AVI format. When I took the SD card to a computer, it wouldn't play in the standard Windows AVI player, but worked fine in VLC. VLC complained that there was no index and asked if I wanted to create it. Either way, the video worked. You can also play it on the display.

VEVOR / Mophorn Sewer Camera glamor shotVEVOR / Mophorn sewer camera looks at the ceilingVEVOR / Mophorn Sewer Camera looks at my phone

The video appears to be around 360p. Old TV quality, but for what it is and the limited field of view, do you really have to be a pixel snob and watch poop in 8K? Perhaps. It was fine for wall inspections and I'm a pixel snob. It was fine for going through a pipe. I'll see when I do more plumbing work, but I'm assuming it's fine too.

Paul finds something to complain about

I feel like the assembly of the box is completely wrong. The spool has one side with feet, and when it stands on the feet, when the screen is opened, the material contained in the padded boxes falls onto the screen. A 180% rotation would fix this, and I thought I might have one that was just assembled incorrectly, but that doesn't seem to be the case.

2022 08 15 10.44.04 - for some reason we don't have an alt tag hereWhen standing, the Mophorn sewer camera box opens, allowing things to appear on the screen.

If the device is laid on its side this will not be a problem, but it will reduce the usable position you can be in. If the parts were heavier, I'm afraid the screen would have broken.

The SD card appeared to be corrupted when I got it. Maybe I pressed record. 120 megabytes of data on it, a bunch of files of length 0 and the claim that there are 500 megabytes free when only 150 of 8000 megabytes were used. The formatting seemed to help. Maybe that's why the AVI above had a problem.

The lack of gauges on the cable seems like an obvious oversight. I mean, you can make your own cable, but how difficult would it have been to specify how many feet away you are on the cable? This can be easily overcome, but it shouldn't be.

Overall, the camera works after the first few uses, but it does have some design issues. I used it for wall inspection (to find out where a cable was) and the video above is just a demo. This is just the first round and I will post the sewer pipe video when I get to it.

You can find the VEVOR Mophorn sewer camera on Amazon. Check the lengths as currently the 200ft option is cheaper than the 150ft option. I'll be back with a follow-up linked here the next time I use it, which will hopefully be tomorrow.

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