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Regular inspection of the plumbing and drainage system is essential to ensure that the systems are working satisfactorily. An inspection helps identify potential problems early and avoid major disasters such as pipe damage, which leads to leaks that are expensive and time-consuming to repair. However, a visual inspection of the entire sanitary and sewage system is not possible across all installation sections, as a large part of the pipelines runs underground or behind the walls and remains covered without accessibility. People only recognize problems with plumbing and sewer lines when they overflow water on the floor due to leaks or blockages in the drain and sewer pipes. At this time, things are way out of control. Dealing with the situation can be messy, expensive, time consuming, and cause a lot of inconvenience.

To avoid the early detection problems, you need to have video pipe inspections from BFMD, LLCwhich allow an unhindered inspection of the entire sanitary, drainage and sewage system. Suppose you suspect a problem with the plumbing system. If so, a video inspection should help spot the problem early on and identify the exact location and nature of the problem so you can take immediate action to fix things before it gets bigger.

What is a video pipe inspection?

Video pipe inspection consists of capturing video of the piping system by inserting a video camera installed with a special arrangement and mounted on a long flexible pipe like a pipe cleaning line. By pushing the flexible pipe through the pipe system, the video camera records the images of the pipes from the inside. It broadcasts them to a monitor screen where the plumber can view them in real time and even record them for further viewing. The arrangement allows easy access to the most remote areas of the sanitary system and helps to prevent possible damage that may show up later.

The video inspection of the pipelines helps to prevent dangerous situations by localizing the endangered areas in order to plan suitable measures to avert the problem in the future. The video inspection also helps to identify the exact location of the leaks and damage in order to initiate appropriate measures in good time and to keep the repair effort under control.

Video inspection should be routine

To avoid major problems with the pipeline due to clogged or leaking pipes, which can cause a lot of inconvenience and pose serious health hazards, it is advisable to arrange for a regular video inspection of the plumbing and sewer system. Since the plumbing is likely to corrode over time, it is better to keep an eye on the piping system through regular video inspections.

A video inspection is also helpful in assessing the condition of the plumbing system when buying a home. Inclusion on the property viewing plan should leave you confident of making the right investment in the property.

Since video inspections can identify the exact cause of the problem, it helps to better plan repairs or cleanings of the plumbing or sewer system with minimal costs. It puts an end to throwing stones in the dark and wasting money.

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