Video shows Florida crew finding alligator hiding in stormwater pipe

A camera attached to a robot has captured an alligator hiding in a stormwater pipe in Florida.

On May 5, the city of Oviedo sent a four-wheeled robotic camera to examine “anomalies” under the roadway after a series of potholes appeared, the city said in a news release on Facebook.

Gator in a stormwater pipe

You've heard of Snakes on a Plane? How about Gator in a Pipe? On May 5, a Stormwater crew was on Lockwood Blvd near Riverside to inspect a series of potholes that had appeared in the roadway. The crew has a robot, a four-wheeled robotic camera, that can go into the pipes and examine any anomalies beneath the roadway. They usually bring the robot to inspect when there are possible road defects to determine whether pipes underground have leaks, cracks, defects, etc. As you can see in the video, during the inspection on Friday they came across a 5 foot long alligator! At first they thought it was a toad, and in the video you see two little glowing eyes until you get closer – but when they turned around, they saw the alligator's long tail and followed it through the pipes! You can see in the video how they got about 100 meters deep before the robot got stuck in a small depression and the alligator wriggled away. Another reason not to fall into the rainwater pipes! Thank God our crews have a robot.

Posted by the City of Oviedo – City Council on Tuesday, May 9, 2023

The city said the robot is typically used to inspect underground pipes for leaks, cracks and defects.

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During the inspection on Friday, a 1.50 meter alligator unexpectedly appeared.

The video first shows two glowing eyes on what looks like a toad. The closer the robot gets, the more clear it becomes that the eyes belong to something much larger.

The most likely confused alligator carefully backs away while staring intently at the robot. The alligator continues to run backwards until the robot collides with it, causing the alligator to turn around and speed away with the robot running close behind.

The chase lasts 340 feet and ends when the robot gets stuck in a depression and the alligator is able to “slither away,” according to the city.

“Just another reason not to fall into the stormwater pipes! “Thank God our teams have a robot,” the city wrote.

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