Village of Rockton working to replace lead pipes affecting homes | News

170 homes in the Rockton area are connected to galvanized pipes that do not meet current EPA regulations.

ROCKTON – The Village of Rockton is working to implement a main service replacement plan.

The director of the Department of Public Works says 170 homes in the Rockton area are connected to galvanized pipes that do not meet current U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and IDPH regulations.

According to the EPA, lead particles can adhere to the surface of galvanized pipes. Over time, the particles can leach into your drinking water and lead to elevated lead levels.

The village is in the process of replacing its pipes and wants to address residents' concerns.

“We’re just trying to stay ahead of this and keep our residents safe,” Village of Rockton Mayor John Peterson said.

State regulations require all properties with main service lines to be replaced beginning in 2027.

The village of Rockton is trying to get ahead of the game by alerting its residents to the changes that are coming.

The biggest concern for residents and the village is the cost.

The options will be weighed up at the meeting on Thursday. Grants are available, but Mayor Peterson says the Village of Rockton's average income is too high to qualify.

“We will reapply for the grant using only the affected properties and see if that works. And there might be an option to share the cost between the village and the homeowner to mitigate the impact,” he says.

Mayor Peterson added that the village has a plan that prioritizes which properties should be replaced first.

Residents are also given the opportunity to waive representation.

The first of further information meetings took place on Thursday.

For more information, a detailed Lead Service Line Program plan is available on the Village website.

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