Warren County disabled veteran receives help from community for driveway repair

MCMINNVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF) — Michael Woytowich, 67, is an Army and Navy veteran. He had numerous health problems, some related to his ministry.

In recent months, torrential rains have flooded his driveway, creating a huge hole and making it difficult for him to get in and out of his Warren County home.

Woytowich says that given the cash constraints, he had to find creative ways to get around the problem. Woytowich decided to place pieces of wood over the holes to prevent cars from falling into the ditch.

Jeff Grissom, a family friend, saw what was going on and decided to take to social media to reach out for help.

Members of the community came running to help repair the Woytowich driveway. Trey Hobbs from Hobbs Home Repair and Cameron Leduc from No. 2 Septic along with their workers came together to fix the driveway – a $3,500 task they gifted the disabled veteran.

However, the generosity of the community did not end there. A lawn maintenance company has also offered to take care of Woytowich’s garden for free. With hip surgery coming up, Woytowich will have an easier time getting around thanks to help from his community.

Woytowich expressed his gratitude.

“If we ever have problems, all we have to do is call them. Where in the world can you come up with something like that? That’s crazy.” Woytowich said.

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