Warren County Septic Tank Fees Increasing | KNIA KRLS Radio

Warren County Septic Tank Fee Increase | KNIA KRLS Radio – The One You Can Count On

Warren Co-Health

Warren County residents who have a septic tank or want to install one will soon face higher fees. Effective July 1, the fee for a new/replacement permit will be $300 and the fee for a repair will be $150.

Warren County Health Services reminds residents who have a septic tank connected to their home or property that a properly maintained septic tank must be pumped out every 3-5 years. If repair or modification to an existing septic tank is required, Warren County Environmental Health requires permits to replace the distribution box, replace the primary or secondary treatments, connect an existing septic tank to a new building, or replace a significant amount of piping. Click below for more information, including a list of certified septic tank drain contractors.



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