Water Discolored By Line Leak Is Safe To Drink

Doug Randall, Townsquare Media

While the Cheyenne Board of Public Utility crews continue to work to fix a major leak in the aqueduct in South Cheyenne, the BOPU says the water is safe even if it is discolored.

The water pipe leak was discovered on Monday afternoon near East 5th Street and Seymour Ave. From Tuesday morning the crews continued to work on repairing the line. The line break has caused discolored water to spread throughout the southern Cheyenne area, according to a BOPU press release.

To resolve the discolored water problems, the crews are flushing hydrants throughout the affected area. While the BOPU says the water is safe, people are advised not to use hot water or do laundry to prevent sediment from the water from getting into water heaters or on clothing.

People looking to get rid of the discolored water are instructed to keep running cold water from a hose or faucet, starting with the lowest faucet in your home.

You should start on the bottom floor of the house and go to the top floor and open the taps one at a time.

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