Water District Offers Tips on How to Avoid Clogging Sinks After Turkey Meals

Dumping cooking grease and other oils down kitchen sinks can put a strain on household plumbing and even damage sewer lines, according to the Perris-based Eastern Municipal Water District, which urged its customers to find alternative ways to clean up Thanksgiving leftovers. Dispose of dinners.

“Doing your part to maintain a healthy wastewater system will keep costs down and pipes functioning as they should,” the EMWD said.

The agency said dirt from cookware and dinner plates can permanently damage dishwashers and sinks and cause sewer lines to burst, leading to leaks on the street that are expensive to repair.

Officials recommended putting fats, oils and fats in metal containers or cans and throwing them in trash cans. Customers were also asked to remove harmful substances from pots, pans and dishes before washing them in the sink, and to dispose of leftover food in trash cans – rather than down the drain.

The EMWD also urged customers not to throw eggshells, coffee grounds and inorganic materials into drains as these can also cause damage.

For more information on proper disposal, visit www.emwd.org/SewerSmart.

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