Water Filters Primato Backs its Faucet Water Filters with a 10-Year Warranty in Greece

Greece – Water filter Primato offers a 10-year guarantee on its faucet filters. This commitment is part of the company’s after-sales activities that ensure complete customer satisfaction. Customers can buy these products through user-friendly website, Water Filter & Vacuum Cleaner Parts | Primato.gr, backed by a team of friendly customer service representatives.

Water Filters Primato’s mission is to ensure that households in Greece have access to clear and healthy drinking water by providing water filters, including faucet water filters. Their products offer one of the cheapest rates in the region. Renowned manufacturers and brands from United States, Germany, Spain and other countries trust this water filter supplier as their official distributor in the country.

The online store offers Instapure, Primato and Toray faucet filters that connect directly to the faucet. They use different technologies such as multi-layer membranes, activated carbon or carbon blocks with zeolites. These filters filter out solid particles such as soil, stones, rust, microorganisms and heavy metals. Depending on how dirty the water is, customers can choose from different water filters.

Primato faucet water filters are easy to install, with a few exceptions that require professional help. Additionally, manual and video instructions complement each water filtration system to ease the setup process.

In addition to water filters for taps, the store also supplies filters for washing machines, aquariums, refrigerators and showers. It sells jug water filters, under-counter and industrial water filters, whole-home filtration systems, and HEAVY DUTY water filters. Water Filters Primato also has other products such as filtered water dispensers, water softeners, water sanitizing products, LifeStraw(R) survival water filter bottles and more.

Residents of Greece can purchase various water filter cartridges including faucet filter cartridges, jug water filter cartridges, reverse osmosis cartridges, whole house cartridges, nitrate and arsenic reduction cartridges, and quick-change cartridges. Other water filter parts available in the catalog include carbon block filters, water pumps, iron and manganese reduction filters, water filter faucets and water meters.

The distributor sells pressure cooker parts and accessories and offers vacuum cleaner parts including tubes, connectors, hoses, air fresheners, handles, vacuum cleaner floor tools, converters, air filters, HEPA filters, motor filters, bag holders and brushes. Plumbing items include a pressure regulator, bathroom spiral, bath and shower faucets, sink faucets, kitchen faucets and shower heads.

Visit the Water Filters Primato website to buy faucet water filters and other products. Contact the Company’s Account Manager on +30 210 27 55 681 to find out more about the products and other services. Their office is located at Leoforos Irakleiou 216, Athens, Attiki, Greece.

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Water filter Primato
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Georgios Margiolos
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