Water Pipe Replacement: NFR to replace water pipe, supply to be hit for 2 days in 10 localities | Guwahati News

Guwahati: The Guwahati Municipal Corporation (GMC) has announced that drinking water supply from the Panbazar water treatment plant will be disrupted for two days from Saturday. The disruption due to replacement of an existing main pumping line of the treatment plant will affect 10 localities in the city. A statement issued by the GMC on Thursday said, “Water supply will be disrupted from Saturday to Sunday for replacement of an existing main pumping line of 450 mm diameter from the Panbazar water treatment plant to Sarania reservoir below the Panbazar railway bridge.” The work will be carried out by Northeast Frontier Railway from June 1 and is expected to be completed within 48 hours.” The affected localities include Sarania, Ulubari, Lachit Nagar, Gandhi Basti, Rehabari, BK Kakati Road, Manipuri Basti, B Baruah Road, Kachari Basti and Islampur. Khadyot Gogoi, chief engineer of GMC, said, “The main pipeline connecting the sewage treatment plant with the Sarania reservoir needed repair and the NF railway authorities have offered to replace the pipeline at their cost. During the restoration work, water supply will be disrupted in the areas under the reservoir while other areas will be supplied with water as usual.” “About one-third of all consumers in the city, over 11,000 households, will be affected by the water supply disruption. “GMC has expressed regret for the inconvenience caused to the customers and asked them to accept the unavoidable circumstances,” Gogoi added. The civic body serves more than 33,000 consumers under three sewage treatment plants in the city. The Panbazar plant was commissioned in 1963, the Satpukhuri plant in 1930 (renovated in 1984) and the Kamakhya plant in 1992. It is worth noting that about 70% of the 300,000-odd households in the city depend on private water suppliers or borewells for their daily needs. As a solution to the long-standing drinking water crisis in the city, the JICA-supported South Central Guwahati Water Project with a capacity of 191 million litres was partially commissioned in December 2022. It covers three of the five constituencies of the city.

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