Water pipe replacement project creates over 100 jobs in ward 73

District Councilor 73 Daniel Schay is pleased with the progress made on the installation and replacement of water mains in phase three of Glenhazel.

“This is George Avenue, these guys have been working and digging on this particular road for about two weeks. The whole project started two and a half months ago. This particular project overlaps with the Glenhazel project but the Sandringham project is also ongoing and started at the same time,” he said.

Schay added that over 100 jobs have been created for the project, which is expected to last six months.

A connecting pipe is ready to be connected to other water pipes. Photo: Asanda Matlhare

“Each project employs 15 direct workers from the community. There are three phases for each ongoing project in the different areas. There are 90 workers and with the contractors’ employees, we have created well over 100 jobs through the project.”

A resident of the area, Ashley Graham, said she was relieved that the water mains would be replaced. “I am happy and grateful that the water pipes are finally being replaced and we can have a constant supply of water without worrying about water shortages lasting for days.”

Zwolunga workers ensure the ground is ready for the new pipe in phase three Glenhazel. Photo: Asanda Matlhare

Community liaison officer Dimpho Selepe said the project started with some teething problems. “The main difficulty was finding the right roads for the pipe replacement as many pipes in the area have already been replaced.
“Working with local residents is also difficult because some local residents expect us to be done, but they don’t understand that it is a process of checking the water pressure after the pipes are installed.”

Schay added, “Hopefully the water leaks and wastage will be down to practically zero after that, which will be a great service to the residents and encourage the business that they have a constant supply of water.”

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