Water pipe replacement project will begin soon in some parts of Great Falls

GREAT FALLS – Starting in August, Central Plumbing & Heating will begin replacing a group of water pipes that are more than a century old.

A water pipeline replacement project is about to begin in some parts of Great Falls

Earlier this month, the budget was approved to start this $ 800,000 replacement project.

It is planned to divide the project into sections so that residents and businesses are not left without water for long periods. Construction work is scheduled to begin in August and last until November.

It starts on 5th Street South between 4th and 5th Avenues and continues at locations in neighboring areas.

While this is in progress, residents of the affected areas can expect changes in parking availability, construction disruptions and temporary water cuts.

Even after almost a century of use, there are no breaks or corrosion in the pipelines that need to be replaced.

Mary Mohland, Assistant Project Leader, stated, “The city of Great Falls only goes through the areas it needs and then goes through the design process. Nothing I know of calls for the replacement. “

Residents affected by this construction will receive a formal notification.

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