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A Webster County planning and zoning officer takes on new responsibilities related to septic systems and wells.

These duties used to be performed by a paramedic employed by the county health department.

The County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday approved a plan to shift those responsibilities to planning and zoning staff.

These duties are:

• Inspect and test wells

• Ensure abandoned wells are properly sealed

• Inspection of septic systems

• Inspection of swimming pools

• Inspection of tattoo parlors

Jeff Johnson, the county’s planning and zoning administrator, said these duties are related to the permitting and inspection work his agency is already conducting.

Allison Roderick, a planning and zoning clerk, completes the training required for these duties and handles the workload.

Johnson said the transition “will ultimately become a cost-saving measure.”

Supervisor Bob Thode voted no and Supervisor Keith Dencklau was absent.

In another matter related to the health department, the board approved the hiring of Dr. Kelli Wallace as interim director of this department. She gets $150 an hour.

Wallace is replacing, at least temporarily, former department head Kari Prescott, who was fired May 25 for encouraging a hostile work environment.

Wallace actually began serving as interim director on June 13.

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