Wellington.Scoop » Sewage in harbour, as WW repairs sewer pipe damaged by slip at Horokiwi

Report by RNZ
Wellington Water believes it is highly likely that raw sewage from a broken pipe in Horokiwi entered Wellington Harbour.

The faulty 150mm sewer pipe is located in a steep ravine above the BP petrol station on SH2.

A geotechnical investigation confirmed yesterday that a connection on the pipe had come loose. The teams hope to be able to complete the repair work today. Vacuum vehicles have been on site since yesterday afternoon.

Wellington Water is awaiting the results of water samples but said all sewage entering the port was untreated.

News from Wellington Water
Our teams have successfully completed the repair at Horokiwi and are now flushing the main to restore the pipe to the sewer network. This will be carried out tonight during off-peak hours.

Since 12:00 noon on December 6, suction trucks have been on site to stop the discharge of wastewater into the port. They will continue the work of suctioning the wastewater until the pipeline is fully functional again.

Previous news from Wellington Water
Our teams are back in action this morning to continue repairing the damaged sewer line in Horokiwi.

Since other work is also being carried out in the immediate vicinity, we are managing access to the construction site as best as possible to ensure the safety of everyone.

To prevent wastewater from entering the port during repair work, suction trucks will continue to be in use.

We are working hard to complete repairs today as quickly and safely as possible while minimizing the impact on our communities and the environment.

Wellington.Scoop – 12 June
Wellington Water reported this morning that following a geotechnical assessment of the Horokiwi site, workers have gained access to the sewer pipe on the slipway and identified the breach.

Crews are installing safety lines and anchors to allow contractors to safely conduct repair work.

There will be no traffic disruption or delays on State Highway 2 as the site is located above the steep ravine within the BP petrol station.

Wellington Water News – 11 June
Our team responded to reports of a possible landslide and impact on the main sewer line near the BP service station on SH2 near Horokiwi.

In response, our team took water samples from the stormwater outlet to test for the presence of sewage. The results of these tests are expected tomorrow.

Due to the risk of landslides and the fact that our teams are working at night on site, we have suspended further investigations to ensure the health and safety of our teams.

We will begin our response/investigations in the morning. This will include mobilizing abseilers to conduct a detailed assessment of the area and better inspect the sewer line for signs of damage. Decisions on next steps will be made once this information is available.

As a precautionary measure, the team will liaise with the Te Ara Tupua (Shared Path and Sea Wall) project team to ensure they are aware of the risk of potential wastewater contamination.

We recognize the impact this issue may have on the environment and will work as quickly as possible to further investigate and resolve the incident while ensuring the health and safety of our employees.

This incident has been logged on our website and text and email notifications have been sent to all registered users.

Further updates will be provided in the morning as investigations resume at dawn.

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