What caused the solar water heater explosion in Paphos

The authorities attribute the explosion of a solar water heater in a residence in Yeroskipou to the extremely high temperatures during this period, possibly combined with a malfunction.

The incident occurred in a home in a central area of the municipality, causing temporary concern in the neighbourhood due to the noise and subsequent damage.

Investigations revealed that the water heater and the solar panels had disintegrated and were hurled a significant distance, also causing damage to nearby properties.

Officials who examined the scene believe that the high temperature of the water inside the heater due to the weather conditions caused the explosion, likely coupled with a faulty thermostat that was not functioning correctly.

As a result, the metal components and solar panels fell onto the road, causing minor damage to a nearby building and a parked vehicle.

The Yeroskipou Municipality services promptly cleaned up the road from the debris after the examinations by the Police, Fire Service, and Electrical and Mechanical Services were completed

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