What’s The Difference And Which Is Best For Your Home?

Indoor wet bars are popular with those who entertain frequently or have an expansive floor plan with entertainment-specific spaces. Wet bars are furnished with a small sink, operable faucet, counter space for snacks and mixed drinks, and open shelving or cabinets. They are built-in units (often a walk-in bar or island) that are connected to your home’s plumbing by plumbing and a drainage system. They can be designed for heavy-duty entertainment situations and may have a mini-fridge, wine fridge, beer tap, kegerator, ice maker, soda gun, dishwasher, and power outlet. Wet bar sinks are typically stainless steel and about half the size of a standard kitchen sink, according to Build with Ferguson.

Additionally, bar counters often have an accent light or under-cabinet light (via Nelson Cabinetry). They can be further fitted with wine racks, televisions, trays for displaying glassware, decanters, vintage bottles, cocktail mix sets and a well-curated spirits collection. Mirrors can help your bar look bigger, and they capture light to reflect it beautifully through glasses and bottles. Mirror walls are a standard design feature for both public and private bars, and can also be a nod to the disco-inspired design of the 1970s and 1980s when wet bars were all the rage.

Wet bars can be placed in any room in your home. They are popular for finished basements, pool houses, home offices, game rooms or outdoor entertaining areas, especially those far from the main kitchen.

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