White Woman Being Cast For Plumbing Commercial That Pays Up To $500 In Baltimore Area

A production company is looking for an actress for a plumbing commercial is scheduled to start filming in Annapolis later this month.

Elite Video Solutions released information about a casting call looking for the perfect talent for the job on a shortlist Backstage.

The company is seeking a white female, ages 25 to 52, for a non-speaking role in a commercial for a Maryland-based plumbing company.

The shoot pays a flat fee of $300-$500 for an estimated 8 hours of work. The actress will play a client in the commercial.

Filming is scheduled between November 16 and December 16 in the Baltimore-Annapolis area.

Talent is in demand Apply to Backstage with a headshot photo and other necessary information.

To apply for this role, click here.

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