Winnebago Shows Off New All Electric RV Camper Van Concept

(KNSI) – based in Minnesota Winnebago Industries Incorporated introduced an all-electric camper van concept RV Super Show Tuesday in Florida.

The Winnebago e-RV is based on a Ford Transit van. Instead of a gas drive, it has an electric motor and an 86-kilowatt-hour battery pack. It has a range of 125 miles per charge. The vehicle boasts a toilet and water heater for hot showers, air conditioning, an induction hob and a refrigerator. It also features a high-speed WiFi network and an interior made of sustainable materials such as rubberized cork flooring and wool wall coverings that double as insulation.

The concept version of the Winnebago Industries e-RV is the first all-electric motorhome developed by a major motorhome manufacturer. According to a press release from lightning electric motors, As the provider of the vehicle’s electric powertrain, the e-RV includes an integrated control system that enables the operation of the vehicle’s subsystems and displays system information and controls on a digital display.

The e-mobile can be connected to public fast charging stations and takes around 45 minutes to charge. It can also be connected to the electricity supply at a campsite or at the owner’s house.


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