With warming weather, you’ll want to clear your storm drains to avoid flooding

BOISE, Idaho – More snowfall is expected in the Treasure Valley through Wednesday morning, closely followed by rain, warmer temperatures, snowmelt and possible flooding.

  • The Ada County Highway District is asking residents to help mitigate flooding by keeping adjacent storm drains clear of snow and debris.
  • ACHD provides a map to help you find where storm drains are near your address. You can find this map here.

(Below is the transcript of the broadcast story)

Many South Boise neighborhoods are still in chaos, with several inches of snow still on the streets and more snow to come.

With possible warming this week, the melting snow has to go somewhere, and the Ada County Highway District is asking everyone to do their part to mitigate possible flooding.

Property owners are expected to keep adjacent storm drains free of snow and ice. However, not all residents think about checking their stormwater drains.

“I don’t think anyone even thinks about it, let alone takes the time. I mean, it probably took me about an hour and a half to shovel my drive, so I wasn’t planning on doing any more than I had to.”

Some residents, like Eryn, have learned they don’t even know where to start.

“I don’t even know exactly where it is. All I know is that it’s on the corner and not next to me.”

That’s why ACHD provides a map marking the location of all storm sewers in your neighborhood.

For homeowners like John Kessel, keeping an eye on nearby drains, even if they aren’t on his property, is an important concern.

“We have one there on the corner. There always seems to be mud, slush and snow, so we try to keep it clear so it drains properly,” Kessel said.

When shoveling storm drains, park paths and sidewalks, experts recommend clearing the snow onto the buffer between the street and the sidewalk, if there is one.

“Go out and clear it out and keep it open!” Kessel said.

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