World Plumbing Day – Protecting public health…

World Sanitation Day – Protecting Public Health…

Every year on March 11, we celebrate World Sanitation Day to recognize the important role sanitation plays in the health of society. Ultimately, our cities and towns are so clean because of sanitation. If cities did not have proper sanitation, human waste and excrement would still be there. The horrible stench would not only make a place uninhabitable, but would also lead to the spread of deadly diseases that could destroy life as we know it. For this reason, events are held around the world on this day to raise awareness about the importance of proper sanitation and sanitation.

The history of World Plumbers Day

Albert Einstein is said to have said that if he could start over again, he would be a plumber because plumbing is so important to the world. Undoubtedly, a crucial element of any modern, developed metropolis is its plumbing. It is important because plumbing must be chosen for a city before any architectural plans are developed.

A city's sanitation plans also need to be carefully considered, as sanitation plays an important role in the development of a place. Since 2010, the importance of sanitation has been recognized worldwide with World Sanitation Day.

The World Plumbing Council has been commissioned to proclaim this day to promote the connection between excellent sanitation, health, environmental sustainability and, increasingly, economic prosperity. The importance of sanitation has been recognized by the World Bank. It is considered the most cost-effective medical intervention of all.

According to the World Plumbing Council, more people with the necessary training should enter the plumbing industry. Plumbers will be held accountable if they do not deliver quality work.

Trained staff can offer quick solutions and innovative ideas that can improve the overall sanitation system. This is crucial because every year about a thousand children under the age of five die from waterborne diarrhea caused by defecating in the open near rivers. Therefore, festivals, competitions, lectures and other events are held on March 11 to raise awareness around the world.

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