Yorkshire drinking water pipes get spray lining

Morrison Water Services is lining pipes for Yorkshire Water

Morrison Water Services (MWS) is using spray lining to repair drinking water pipes for Yorkshire Water as part of the seventh post privatization asset management period, AMP7.

The spray lining is part of a £2million program that will target 14km of pipeline for Yorkshire Water in the coming year.

Spray lining eliminates excavation, roadworks and replacement work and reduces costs by up to 60%, the contractor says, and time by 75%.

Morrison Water Services says it is the only contractor in the UK accredited to carry out spray linings on the drinking water network. It is also accredited to provide the service in the sewage network.

In-situ spray lining is a method of lining pipes with a thin layer of resin that is centrifugally sprayed onto the inside surface of a cleaned pipe. The lining materials used have a service life of up to 50 years and are approved under Regulation 31 of the Water Supply (Water Quality) Regulations 2016.

Before and after installing the spray linerBefore and after installing the spray lining

Chris Raper, Head of Program Delivery for Morrison Water Service’s Yorkshire Water P4Y contract, said: “In the demanding environment of AMP7 and the ongoing deterioration in asset health from an aging network of clean and wastewater infrastructure pipelines, there is an urgent need for an alternative to traditional pipeline replacement. Spray lining offers such a cost effective and sustainable solution.

“Our industry-leading use of spray coating offers our customers the best value and reduces the program’s carbon footprint, which is better for us, our customers and the environment. Completing our work more quickly also reduces the inconvenience and cost of roadworks required for excavation and more traditional methods of pipe replacement.”

Nathan Sunderland, Yorkshire Water Wealth Planning Manager, said: “The liner as an alternative to pipe replacement will help meet some challenging performance commitments and meet our financial and carbon targets. We look forward to using this technique for the rest of AMP7 and beyond.”

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