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Discover ROM bv: Leading innovators in high pressure cleaning technology, available through Pipe Core.
The team at Reed Plumbing & Drainage Solutions recently used the ROM bv eSTEAM smoke generator to tackle a project in the basement of a hospital in the city of Melbourne. The aim was to solve a long-standing problem that the hospital had been unaware of for years.

Equipped with a brand new eSTEAM from local distributor Pipe Core, the team was tasked with identifying the discharge point of several overflow pumps in a stormwater overflow pit and inspecting the pump line for leaks.

With no plans or information from hospital staff regarding the pump line drain location, the pumps, which had not been used for years, were not turned on to avoid possible flooding or damage to vital hospital equipment. To make matters worse, the pump line passed through an area that was heavily used by patients and staff, increasing the risks associated with potential leaks.

Previous attempts to inspect the area using video surveillance were hampered by the nature of the pipe: it was a DN40 brass pipe with several bends running through the ceiling, making camera inspection difficult.

Since operators did not want to cut holes in the ceiling to locate and track the pipe, they easily maneuvered the portable fog machine into place using sturdy rubber wheels and were able to start work quickly thanks to the unit's very short warm-up time.

The unit quickly produced high quality, dense, dry smoke that passed through the line to the outlet point.

This non-invasive approach not only saved valuable time and resources, but also provided unwavering confidence that the overflow pump line was leak-free and could be returned to service.

More about ROM

With over 40 years of experience, ROM is the world's leading provider of high pressure and vacuum technology and a specialist in toilet maintenance and sewer cleaning equipment.

In addition to the eSTEAM, ROM's range of machines also includes sewer cleaning trailers, toilet service systems for cleaning mobile toilets, high-pressure sewer devices installed in the van and inspection systems.

What’s next for Pipe Core?

In response to rising oil and fuel costs, ROM has developed the 100% electric e-Cube and e-EcoNomic pressure washers to support the positive trend towards zero-emission work zones.

Both devices offer the possibility of powerful, quiet and emission-free cleaning.

The ROM e-Cube is a smaller powerhouse capable of delivering a maximum cleaning pressure of 200 bar and a water capacity of up to 60 l/min. Its compact and lightweight design allows seamless integration into light vans, making it ideal for various urban applications.

See the ROM e-Cube in action

The ROM e-EcoNomic, on the other hand, is a powerhouse that delivers a cleaning pressure of up to 200 bar with a water capacity of up to 100 l/min. Ideal for cleaning and unblocking main drains and house connections up to DN 600. This device fits easily into light and medium-sized commercial vehicles.

See the ROM e-EcoNomic in action

Both units are ideal for cities, tunnels and industrial buildings as they operate without harmful emissions.

In addition, the e-EcoNomic features the latest generation of lithium-ion batteries.

These batteries are smaller, lighter, have faster charging times and are maintenance-free, ensuring uninterrupted operation all day long.

As companies increasingly look for sustainable solutions to future-proof their operations and cities establish zero-emission zones, investing in electric machines like ROM's Jetters is critical.

If you are interested in Pipe Core’s electric range of drain cleaning equipment, visit the website or contact the team today on 1800 747 326.

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